Growing to 1,000 customers in 3 months

Overview You may have noticed an abundance of cannabis delivery companies in the past few months as legalization passed. If you haven't, take a moment to go to and check out a few big cities near you.

A cannabis delivery company has a very simple concept, instead of using the website and waiting 3-5 days for a package, you can contact a delivery company instead. They charge a small premium for offering a same-day delivery service opposed to waiting several days, however, some delivery companies are less expensive than the Ontario Cannabis Store, making it a valuable service to a large population.

Three months ago my friend contacts me asking for assistance in building his own delivery company, I gladly agreed to offer some insight and see what unique solutions we could find to differentiate ourselves.

Right off the bat, we decided upon taking a modern approach to business development opposed to following the rest of the competition.

For context, rou…
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